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I never managed to get very far. Some suggestions:

  • Make it easier to let go/grab again. Give us more wiggle room
  • Enable holding down the keys. I personally don't like mashing.
  • Make the delay shorter when you die(find it annoying for some reason :P)

Watch Interview with Game Dev Josh McMillan / Two Button Jam Part 1 from MrJoshuaMcLean on

I found it really difficult to get any progress at all. In other words, I was stuck in the first point. The swinging felt fine. Tapping the left and right arrow keys was a good decision here, but releasing was basically impossible to time right, and even if you did, grabbing another point was near impossible. The time system seems a bit overkill, as the timer is really high at 400 seconds, and you have a certain amount of lives, making the maximum score limited on itself.

My rating: ★★☆☆☆, mainly because it was impossible (for me) to make any progress. If the releasing and grabbing mechanic was made easier, this game would've scored way higher for me.

Thanks for the feedback! It was certainly challenging trying to convey the correct timing for the jumps, especially since the more I played it the more I got used to it.  

Time was more in place to differentiate score rather than cause a lot of anxiety. I sort of just took the system from Super Mario Bros. 

I hope it get a chance to see some stream footage of other folks playing as I've been having difficulty pinpointing exactly what needs to be tweaked with the jump. Overall, this has been a great exercise in conveying information to the player with minimum exposure and hope to try to implement it into future projects!

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I can't even get past the start point. The controls don't feel right. Holding to gain momentum would have been better than tapping the buttons. And also you should set your HUD canvas to scale with screen size. I started the game in low resolution and the HUD took up one-fourth of the screen. And the score text and the three monkey lives left sprites overlapped.

I can see what you mean from feeling like holding would be better to build up speed. In my mind I thought of kicking to get up higher in a swing with the impulse sort of pushes. But it's been very interesting to see that it wasn't intuitive to everyone and I've been trying to wrack my brain to think of ways to explain that through gameplay. 

Sorry about the scaling of the external player! I mostly tested in windowed mode or on the webplayer and added external as a second thought. But thank you for the feedback! I'll take more care in future projects

Yes. You should try to test the game for all screen sizes and aspect ratios.