Cat Wranglin's tough work, but it's sure worth it!

Coerce you feline friends to stop the oncoming rat invasion! They've really got their own purr-ogitives though. 

Made in 48hrs for the GMTK 2020 Game Jam! The theme being: Out of Control

~Best Played in Full Screen~

WAD to move, E to use items, Click to shoot

Hold shift to sprint


Wander - Game design, Programming, Sound Design, 

Regretful123#7692 - Programming

Sarah - Programming, Cat Wrangler (Project Management)

John - Level Design, Graphic Design

Ivory - Modeling, Animation  (Cats and animation)

TonalRumblePak - Musician  (Main Game Theme)

Menu screen , tutorial, and win music royalty free from- and

Various models from these free asset packs -

SFX from

Free models from


Download 54 MB


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Very funny concept and bizarre taking on the theme.

I really loved all the ways to herd cats like laser and above all cucumbers. Brilliant!

My only problem was I couldn't find the rats but I guess that's my bad. Moreover not having rats in the tutorial made me forget about them and at the end of the game I was like "Oh, yes! That was my goal".

In the end really good work, it amused me and made me laugh a lot!