You play as the Bullet Eating Kaiju, Danberu! Help your non-bullet resistant friends make it to the city!

Single developer Game Jam entry for the Game Maker's Toolkit 2018 entry.

You play as the loveable Danberu, a Kaiju with the hunger for bullets! He's a peaceful monster though, so he doesn't destroy his enemies.

Some of his Dino friends want to play in the city, but are afraid of the military shooting them before they can get there. That's were Danberu comes in!

Help your Dino-friends through the blockade of turrets and tanks!


 WASD, Arrow keys, or Controller Joystick  to MOVE

Space Bar or Joystick button 0 (bottom one) to DASH


Click with mouse to select

Challenge- How fast can you eat 50 bullets?

Endless - How long can you hold out?


Programming, Music/Sound Effects, "Art" - Wander

Tank Sound Effect from Soundbible