A downloadable game for Windows

You work at a really, REALLY, boring office job. All you do is file paperwork and wait for the days to while away. And to top it all off, you have a SUPER nosy boss (who is probably just as bored as you are) that checks in on you constantly

You have to fine things to occupy your time before you are bored to death. But your company's crazy strict and has ancient computers. If your boss catches you not focusing, there will be "serious" consequences.

/This game was made by 2 people in under 48hrs for a local GameJam. The theme was "spin". Neither of us are artists. Bask in the glory of the MSPaint majesty/

Install instructions

Unzip folder, run application, make sure Data folder and app are in the same area. Don't change file names if you want it to work


OfficeSurvivalGameJam2017.zip 17 MB