Created  for the 8-bits to Infinity Monthly Jam. 

Makers were given a limited palette to try to create a game within the theme. Well jokes on them since my art is certifiable garbage no matter how I color it! Only had about 20 hrs to work on this, so if it looks rushed, it is!

Taking liberties with this month's theme, "Underground", This is a game all about grinding spices over pizza, so that would make the food... *removes sunglasses*  Under Ground (Pepper) !

You're A Pizza Chef! There is a fancy robot that makes most of the pizza though, but you have the special, human touch with your spice grinder.  Add the exact amount of spice directly in the center of the pizza for the most points. Too little or too much spice will lose you points. 


Left mouse button to grind the spice!

tip- pay attention to the order the pizza come out. The order numbers line up so don't lose your place. 

If the web player doesn't run, try downloading the executable below!

Music from Spiderman 2: The videogame,:

transcribed to : take a look!

all other assets used created by: Wander.


Download 16 MB