A deck building deck building game. You’re out sitting on your deck (the wooden kind) when termites, beavers, and other woodland creatures have come to claim back the wood they feel is rightfully theirs!

The objective is to construct a card deck that can consistently draw cards that will allow you to enhance your wooden deck’s defenses. There are three different card types: weapons, deck pieces, and action cards. 

                             ~~ use your mouse to squash bugs ~~

Weapon cards are statically placed objects that will deal damage to and/or physically halt oncoming enemies (i.e. a flower that when attacked deals damage to that enemy, great for small enemies in large numbers). 

Deck pieces are passive upgrades to the wooden deck that can be used in-between enemy phases. (i.e. plant food that makes all flowers do more damage)

Action cards can be used during enemy phases to act as trump cards and turn the tides of a particularly tough wave. (i.e. a buff card that can add health to a weapon, or a liquid nitrogen card that temporarily freezes all enemies)

*Certain rare cards will only be useful if certain conditions are met, like the GMO action card that will combine all flowers into one giant flower fortress

~~ Deck's BUSTED! After the second level the deck building mysteriously stops working T-T~~~~

DECK BUG'S BEEN FIXED!! The buggy original Jam submission is still available for download below. 

All assets made for the jam

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsUnderWander, Ranyo7, finalcoke
GenreCard Game
Made withUnity


StandaloneBuild.zip 28 MB
JamBuild(Original Bug Submission).zip 31 MB


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Awesome idea! I was having a little bit of trouble squishing some of the intruders (the small ones because they were hard to target and the large ones because they were probably flying?). The card deck building was really fun. Great work!


Thanks a ton for playing! 

The much larger ones are beavers and bears, and can't be defeated by a mere squish!

This game was really fun to make working with the team!