Made by the DigiPen 2020 Cohort. 

The call went out for a bunch of to-be game students to make a collection of duck sport themed mini games and this is the collective, deafening, quack that came back. 

20+ individuals created 8 mini games, 10 songs, And over 50 unique ducks for your ducking pleasure.

Revel in the breakout game that everyone's raving about

Mouse and keyboard are needed: most common keys are W, A ,S, D, Space, and Q (to quack) rapid presses may be necessary.

Current Speed Run Record: 

Current Slow Run Record
(UPDATED 2022): 

I've added a secret, I wonder if anyone can find it? (hint: think old school arcade code)

Git Hub repository's public if anyone would like to see the code/add to it. (Its jam code, so its a bit of a mess)

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AuthorsUnderWander, Jay7022, bouncyphoton, SoupScythe, tangerineisbi, Watertoon, Anyonebacon, BryanWithAB
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What an amazing collaboration here! I love the minigame idea and it is totally to the theme and jam. You guys did an outstanding job on this!

The best I could get is 10 cause I suck at a few of them but I will be back to conquer this!

The ducks appreciate you doing your best! 10's a really good score, there are definitely a few games that are pretty hard.


So crazy!


Really cool game reminded my a bit of wario ware. my favourite mini game was the weightlifting one .

The WarioWare formula worked really well for our collaboration, I'm glad the similarities held up without completely mimicking it. The weightlifting duck is doing it's best and  appreciates the encouragement. 


good game :)