You find yourself in a strange, yet somewhat familiar place. 

You feel like you want to get somewhere, but you're not sure where. And you aren't confident that you can.

*Sound Warning!* 

My music isn't great and there's not way to stop it so volume beware

-Know Bug: Its difficult to get out of the pond on the duck, but if you keep moving and tapping A, you should be able to get out. 


Thanks Chris Matlby!

~Controls: up,down,left,right: WASD arrow keys

                       A, B: Z,X

The limitations of the old Game Boy are fun to work around!

I appreciate you bearing with the mistakes I made along the way, but the game is in a "finished" complete draft and is "beatable".

There is an included ROM file if you'd like to play on a GB Emulator

Install instructions

An Emulator is required to run the download


Download 37 kB


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