DigiDucks 2020 back at it again!

A dungeon crawling Battler!

Combat plays like Rock Paper Scissors

Strength > Intelligence > Charisma > Strength and so on

Stats that have advantage have their power doubled!

Basic combat is best 2 out of three!

AI enemies have some complex personality based patterns. Can you predict their moves?

Collect crazy characters and items to bolster your odds!

Do your best to get to the end and beat the witch!

Photos are opensource stock photos

Open source music

Using YarnSpinner and Unity

Code's Open Source on GitHub, but it's kind of a mess 


Rated 2.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorsUnderWander, Anyonebacon, tangerineisbi, BryanWithAB
Made withUnity


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Well that was a very interesting game, lol. I liked the Lary's :)


I'm glad you enjoyed its brand of silliness! 


I enjoyed the game. We don’t see Text adventure games very often but this take was nice. Well done!

Thanks! It was our first time making a game like this! Learning how to use the different tools was fun.