A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

While the product is pretty basic, I still consider this a minor triumph and debated posting it. So what if its kind of terrible? I literally made it while on mission for two weeks in the Darien jungle of Panama for a java based class I was taking. Only default assets and the one I threw together on blender and some of the offline documentation and lots....and lots of iteration. 

I put this here like an old boot after a tough hike , not to revel in it's aesthetic, or its smell, but as an old war trophy  to remind of where you came from. 

I never want to develop in Java again as long as I live. 

Install instructions

There is a jar file in the second folder in titled MyGame that will run the java application. Please only play windowed if you do decide to actually download this for some reason.


ElefanteDownload 96 MB

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