Sweet dreams little ray.
May you find the answers you seek in slumber that you could not with a waking mind.

Press W and S to avoid obstacles and collect star fragments to help progress through a wondrous sensory world.

Made in 48 hours for the West Coast Jam by
sunbell - Artist - http://instagram.com/sunbellart
Rapha - Artist - https://twitter.com/rapha_kb
Enrique - Designer - HenryBrave
GreenLog451 - Programmer
MCGX2 - Programmer/Music
Li - Programmer - https://underwander.itch.io/

Install instructions

You can play the browser version (recommended full screen)
or Download the executable and extract the zip and run the .exe


WestCoastJam_RayGame.zip 41 MB


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Great game, love the art!

a lovely game. i enjoyed it thoroughly.