WASD and E to move and interact

Mouse to look around

Many bugs, not fully made, but hey "playable" right?

End state doesn't work, sound is EXTREMELY loud, my sincerest apologies, never tried to make a game this fast.

Was a wonderful experience getting a friend to try 3D Modeling a Monster for the first time.

Used assets from Aura 2, TunnelSquid, and music from Nicolas Gasparini http://thedarkpiano.com/dark-ambient-music


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I didn't find a monster, but I liked the gorilla model and I found a banana! 

I can see this being a nice creepy space exploration game if polished, well done!

Thanks! I would have liked to implement more gameplay, but I'm glad atleast the atmosphere got through!


Super creepy! I actually jumped when I finally found the monster!

Thanks so much for trying it out! We appreciate the positivity!